Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 3: Dodging rain drops and Detroit's finest crack heads

This morning when Justin and I left the house I had an unsure feeling about how the day would end up since the forecast was calling for isolated showers and there was a giant dark storm cloud over head. That aside, Justin and I drove on to downtown Detroit to meet up with Daryl, John, Ben and a Jim. Justin and I ended up waiting around for a few minutes so we decided to check out the harbour front ledges where there apparently was a wedding with hundreds of drunk bone-head retards walking around and stumbling on the ledge we were trying to shoot on. Just as we decided to pack up the rest of the crew arrived and the rain started to come down. I was getting pretty bummed. We hung out in the basement of Hart Plaza for a bit and the rain stopped and dried up pretty quickly. Daryl got down to business and decided to nollie shove the little Hart gap within three tries. I just happened to snap a quick photo but I wasn't feeling it too much. Now the rain started to come off and on which became rather annoying. Eventually Daryl decided a hardflip would suit the little Hart gap so he put one down in perfect manner, everyone got stoked. Soon after Ben put down a rather lofty front shove and everyone thought that was a good way to start the day, next spot!

I'll be honest, I'm damn tired as I write this and I imagine it's not the best time to do up an account of the day so I'll make this short and sweet.

Throughout the rest of the day we skated an out ledge, an over-the-rail spot and a flatbar spot. Ben got a really dope sequence (see below) at the outledge spot while Daryl did an ollie at the over rail spot and focussed on his board trying a nollie. All dudes decided it was time to retire except for Justin who was still hungry for some tricks. This flatbar spot is no joke since it's right up against a wall. Justin got technical with a backside 180 switch nosegrind and reversed that with a switch 180 5-0. Check the goods below!

Justin, backside tailslide.

Ben, front shove nosegrind.

Daryl, ollie.

Justin, back 180 switch nosegrind.

Reverse Reverse! Switch backside 180 5-0.

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