Monday, August 18, 2008

Time to say goodbye!

I've always tried to avoid going to Toronto just because I've heard (and dealt with it first hand) the stories of people having no idea where to go and getting trapped downtown at the most common and worst spots. On the other hand, when I had heard Isaac was going to come out and then we'd pick up Drew when we got into the city my worries went away. Basically two guys that are a walking spot book, things went smooth. Our first spot of the day was going to be the junkyard until we caught wind that all the ledges had been smashed up. With quick improvising we all warmed up at a ledge spot close to Drew's house. Drew mention this cool little bar in a snake run and when we got there the word "death" was going through everybody's minds. Short and brutal run and a smooth pavement that sends you flying through a bush there was no time to mess up when trying this thing. Being the man he is, Ben stepped forward and did two ollies, both looking awesome. On our way to the next spot we hit up a common upledge in the middle of a highway, no biggie. Ben got a clip there too. Two and counting.

Our next spot was a bit of a bust when we rolled up since there was already a crew rolling 6+ deep. None of us were into that so Drew mentioned this bank that we all headed off too. I was told this thing doesn't get skated much and I could see why, the thing was basically gravel. Luckily Justin had a sign so that made things a tiny bit better. Drew got a dope trick and Ben got one too. Three clips now! When Isaac told the guys we were going to a spot Levi Brown skated they both got super stoked, off to the Beaches Rails we went. The guys messed around a little and Ben started thrashing the stairs. After a warm up ollie he got faked out with a high five by some hood rat, whatever. Ben was over it and got down to business. Once warm up ollies and kickflips were done and over with Ben put down a front shove and a hardflip. Both of which he did twice because the first ones were too sketchy. Five clips in one day? What a trooper.

My favourite spot of the day was
the snake run. Ben, 2 pushes on
cracked wood and ollie.

Ben, back tail.

Ben, Pivot fakie.

Do I really need to repeat the name? Front

Hard flip.

I forgot to mention Ben got
a little worked skating the steps.

I'm glad the Detroit guys could come and skate Canada soon after I left even if the whole loonie and toonie system was a bit confusing. Hopefully see you soon guys!

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