Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 5: CAMPUS police suck.

So the final day has come and gone *tear tear*. I'm a little bummed as I write this considering my Detroit adventure has come to an end but I'm also pretty damn stoked on everything that has come out of it. A ton of new homies, a solid Detroit connection and future (Canadian and American) adventures with the same guys.

Getting to the basic run down of the day...

Justin, Matt and I headed out to downtown Detroit early on to try and get some skating done before meeting up with some of the other guys. We skated the harbor front ledges for quite a bit while we warmed up and decided it was time to get down to business. We headed off to the Comerica (black out ledge) ledge because Matt was really feeling a boardslide pop out. In no time at all he was rolling away and we were ready to move on. The next spot was dubbed "poo poo alley" because crack heads will sit up against the wall and take a shit, leaving a brown streak down the wall. Pretty fucking disgusting but for some reason we stayed there for a good hour while Justin got a few tricks.

It was time to meet up with Mike Sholar so we could go shoot a handrail at a university. We got there, met up, took care of business and just as we were leaving the campus police roll up and start laying into us super hard by taking our boards away and putting them in their trunk and acting like they ruled for catching some pesty kids skateboarding. I was pretty amazed and pissed off at the same time that porker in the school patrol uniform was straight up throwing us around. Whatever, we played the super respectful game and got our stuff back and we were on our way.

Finally Ben and Daryl had shown up so we decided to go and see what was happening at Hart Plaza. Unfortunately the def-mute security guard had to kick us out and call for back up because the poor bastard had some how forgotten how to speak. We had no choice but to cruise around and figure out a new spot. We stuck around the harbor front area for the rest of the night and got a few tricks, you'll just have to stay posted.

Justin, 5-0 for poo poo alley.

Mike, front board.

focus check

Justin, switch 5-0.

I'm stoked for things that are going to come in the future, can't wait to see these dudes again.


brian said...

love that 5-0 and the front board

why aren't you keeping these and pitching an article to a mag?

Lilah said...

You write very well.