Friday, August 08, 2008

Day 1: Michigan U-Turns and White Castle

So far I have been pretty impressed considering I basically got off the bus and already shot some gnar. Anyways, this morning I got a wake up call from a friend I hadn't seen for a while...Garza! It was a bit of a bummer he was just in the area and didn't bring his board to skate.

Moving on, Daryl thought it would be a good idea to go warm up at a gap with shitty ground and a switch trick. Wind and a run up full of dips and waves only brought out the frustration in Daryl. We all agreed on a new spot which just happened to be a busy daycare. Luckily Dave had a good eye for a fire hydrant at the same spot and was feeling a trick from the moment he laid eyes on it. We got there, got a trick and got out.

Daryl and Dave had to jet to work and other errands so it was just Ben, Justin and I. Ben wanted to show us this cool spot I had seen in the Shred Til Yer Dead promo and it ended up being pretty awesome. Ben threw down pretty quick with a pole jam and a frontside flip. Next spot, ledges. I got a fun line while Justin and Ben just messed around on the ledges. Ben got a dope sequence and we were off to the next spot...more ledges! Now these ledges...not ledges I would take just anyone to, these things were huge. Both of the guys didn't seem to have a problem and I ended up shooting a roll of film there. Unfortunately I shot Justin's trick only on film so I've got nothing to show for him. Ben on the other hand got super gnarly on the giant hubba there (see below!)

Things we were winding down and I was getting stoked, it was time to go eat at White Castle. Let me say, horrible idea. Anything I had ever imagined about that place was totally destroyed after eating the four burger combo, I regret every part of it. Besides the shitty food we met up with a guy named Chris who was killing this flatbar spot when we got there. We decided to head to the library to shoot some things Chris had previously done which turned out nice. After that we had a (quick) game of S.K.A.T.E. and everyone was ready to go home. Overall, super productive day.

The Good Morning Garza show

Stretching, warming up.

There are a lot of lights here

Dave, frontside 180 switch manual with
Ben trailing behind.

Walking to the next the forest?

Voila! Ben busting out a
frontside flip rather quick
on the forest gap.

Next spot. DIY Ledge spot, fun time! Before
we shot this Ben asked me if this trick would be
"okay" for a sequence. Front Smith Kickflip Out,
the proof is in the puddin'.

More ledge spots, more Ben.
This time back tailing through
a curve and lots of chunks.

Michigan's hubba hide-out, Ben
getting gnarly.

Time for food and meet ups!

We didn't shoot any photos at the yellow flatbar
but Chris and I made up for it with this front
blunt pop out at the library.

I'll try and update this thing everyday with photos and all that good stuff but if I don't, forgive me! Over and out for day one.

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