Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back in the D, fool.

Yes, I'm back in Detroit and milking the last few days of my summer before I'm back to school. I probably won't be making as many blog updates but that's ok, juicier content will ensue. I had a huge heart-breaking moment when I was in the car and Matt told me Justin had rolled his ankle on his trip to Wisconsin after I had last seen him in Toronto. Damn! Anyways, this was my first day (right off the bus) of skating and I met a new guy named Joe and skated with Dave who I had met the last time I was here. We already have some plans for the weekend and everyone already knows Monday is Labour Day...

Dave, backside lipslide.

Joe, front crookie grind.

Joe middle-of-the-ghetto-at-12am
frontside noseslide.

Dave, first go switch ollie.

Got to test out my new Bronica 35mm fisheye too, pretty stoked.

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