Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Plywood and Water Don't Mix

The past two weeks have been filled with more rain than the entire summer, it's insane! Houses around here didn't have power for a few days and I was beginning to wonder whether this was going to be another summer black-out marathon. Aside from that, all this rain makes skateboarding no easy task. The weather man is not as accurate as he should be and this creates a lot of improvising in terms of skate trips or a regular day out. Flash rain storms are even more common than these huge thunderstorms. Super wet and windy one moment and blazing hot within the same hour, nobody knows for sure what's going on up there. A good example is this, when I started typing this up it was pouring rain, thundering and my lights were flickering, now this crappy piece is done (as well as an episode of Family Guy) and the sun is already shining. There is hope for us skateboarders!

Without further a due, I bring you all the dudes skating between those sun breaks and huge thunderstorms.

Aaron pulling out a wallie
backside 180 and quite possibly
getting the last trick at this spot.

Isaac, backside flip.

Isaac, frontside noseslide drop

Joel, wallie wallride at a gritty Uptown spot.

Joel, front board pop out.

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