Sunday, July 27, 2008

As of Late

I've been working what seems like everyday and shooting almost not at all, I think I'm in a slump. Over the past few weeks these are some of the best flicks of the bunch that I've shot. One more week of work and I've got two weeks off in which time I'll be heading down to Detroit to shoot with some rippers down there, stoked!

Josh poppin' an ollie at city
hall. Flannel in 30 degree
weather? Sure why not.

Aaron Wynia coming through with a
winner for the first time in about
15 minutes.

On a totally separate day, Isaac
trying something new with a
wallride nosegrab out.

New dude in town, Ryan. Came from Orangeville
and we took him here, almost came through
with this kickflip before he got a full on
ass-ripping when he slammed.

Erik and I took full advantage
of golden hour with this hippie
jump. Erik contemplated
sending this photo in to get hooked
up by this store.

Byron busting through one hell
of a gritty backside noseblunt.

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