Sunday, July 06, 2008


The day started off in a pretty weak way for me: waiting at the park for an hour and nobody who said they would show up, did. I was over that quick! Plan B: Text message from Joel saying they were Uptown skating around so I went in that direction. I got there and Cameron was already hucking himself over a rail while Ryan film and Aaron took on position of man-cheer leader. Things weren't working out for Cameron and he decided enough was enough after slamming too many times. After we decided to head over to this little bump to manual spot where we met up with Matt and Dwight, another camera man on the scene. We dorked around at this spot still trying to warm up and decided it was time to move on, get some food and go to a "real" spot. Beh0ld, the ever so secret(not anymore) barrier spot! Some serious brooming was needed while all of us camera dudes set up. It was super hot that day so we all got drinks before we decided to really throw down. Joel had a great time trying to skate the spot, and by great I mean horrible time. Our friend Aaron on the other hand got a nice trick and had a somewhat easy time doing so. In the end Joel got his trick too but was disgusted with the spot and how hard it was to skate.

Dwight in full lurk effect and
fully unsure of me taking pictures.

Ryan Alexander: Next level
video camera shit. Ty Evans
watch your back.

"I get brain freeze so easy!"
Aaron proves his word is
always true.

If there were awards at spots for
the most improved skater, Joel
would have won this time. Just

A victim of peer pressure, Cameron ass-focussed
his board.

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