Friday, June 27, 2008

Groms Flying Everywhere

Rolled up to a "spot" with Mackenzie and Gary the other day. It was our first spot of the day and already a total bust.

Guess the spot!

Oh well, next spot. Mackenzie had some business to take care of on the Pita Pit ledges and did just that. Gary did too but I did the thing where I accidentally deleted his sequence. Sorry bud! He was okay with it though, he just said that it was a sign he had to do it better next time. Holla!

Gary in full attack mode. He
kept saying that he had to do
a back smith like Mike Carroll.
Smart kid.

Mackenzie was checking out all
the women that came out of the gym
in their spandex.

Roller? Not quite.

There were some kinks to be
worked out.

Some serious kinks.

Don't worry, they actually did land stuff though.

Mackenzie, 5-0 shove.

Not finished quite yet, Mackenzie finishes the ledge
off with a feasible 5-0 3shove out.

Next we were off to the flatgap where we almost got kicked out by squatters living in the bushes on "family property." Once they saw we were actually brooming the place from all the broken glass and cleaning up the spot they became really friendly and even watched us skate. This time Mackenzie really went down and did roll his ankle. Bummer for him but he came out with a really dope looking shirt.

Josh Cowan, friend-maker and
peace keeper extraordinaire.

Scott, varial heel.

Mackenzie, rethinking Josh's
broom technique.

Finally, If you had guessed "Mini Golf" at the
beginning of the post, you were right.

Scott, heelflip. Mini Golf R.I.P.

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