Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Better Looking Sister, Waterloo.

Ah yeah, Uptown Waterloo! Really, who doesn't love Uptown? Maybe not so kind and fun loving but the vibe Uptown is just great for some reason. Crack whores? No chance. Prostitutes? None in sight! It's amazing how you pass the hospital and it's like night and day. How do they keep all the homeless out of Waterloo?

Anyways. After skating around that hydrant for a bit we decided to take a break at the park and see if anyone was willing to come Uptown to do some shredding. Sure enough Josh, Scott and Cameron decided to tag along while Adam stuck around as well. Right off the bat we hit up the super smooth bank to see if anything was happening. I got Adam to retry a back tail (for the fourth time I think) because the sun was being too kind and giving off a super nice rim. When we were all over the bank we hit up the Bonnie Togs ledge. This thing isn't that easy to skate on account of it being slanted downwards throwing you right off. All the dudes did what they do best and got tricks. I think the highlight was Josh's super solid switch front nose back to switch I shot on film. Mid session we all had two surprises. One was Greg showing up with some smokin' chick that Josh wanted to steal from him and then this dude walking his cat named Nos. Kind of funny the people you meet all over the city if you stick around long enough.

Aside from all this peep the pictures and enjoy the beautiful one we all know as Waterloo!

Adam, back tailing, again. Thanks dude!

Scooter, nosebluntin'.

"Can I take a picture of your cat?"


There's that girl! Oh, Greg was
there too.

Scooter, crookin'.

Cameron, back 50.

The sun might even shine brighter in Waterloo, don't know that for sure though.

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