Saturday, June 07, 2008


Everyone knows I've been neglecting this blog because I'm an ass. People are always pestering me on msn with questions like, "When the hell are you going to update your blog?" and "You're a lazy piece of shit" or Peter's favourite, "Weak ass shit". With almost two weeks of school left the signs of summer break are more apparent day by day. Trying to get out shoot almost everyday, thinking of trick ideas and planning small day/weekend trips is becoming all the norm now and will be for the next three or four months, in other words, prime shredding time. I also picked up a new Bronica SQ-A so fun times will ensue with that. From now on though I promise regular updates no matter the amount of footage!

So without further delay here's some juice

Joel switch crooking upwards

Richie blunting on this really
dope bank

Unfortunately Cameron couldn't
come through with this backside
180 but he still gets gnar points.

A few of us decided to check out this new development
and Aaron had this really good idea to throw
some tin about.

Another regular day of skating,
Brian Wenning decided to drop by
and switch back tail bigspin out.
(click for sequence)

I guess Paul Rodriguez was there too
switch heel flipping stuff.

Adam working a stylish back tail,
can't miss this dude's style.

Isaac found this nice bump when we were out
cruising one evening, turned out nice.

Cameron poked this kickflip so well, I think
everyone there was impressed.

Josh and Kody hanging out

After I shot this photo of Kody
back smith stalling I decided I
would go get brackets from my
trunk for flashes. Low and behold,
I'm on the top of the fence and three
cop cruisers pull up. Don't worry,
we sweet talked our way out of it, Sir.

Erik busting an ollie at a spot that every
Kitchener local has gone by and said, "Somebody
needs to do something over that."

Another shot of Ben's tre flip at the bump over
the sidewalk, this time in sequential form.

Joel frontside tailsliding his
way through some jagged metal.

Ben, again, at the bump over the sidewalk, this time
popping, flicking and catching a backside flip perfectly.
It seems like every time he goes there he's whips out
something new and you know it's always clean.

One day I ended up in Guelph (don't ask)
and Harrison crooked on this high
block for me.

To end off the post, something that didn't make it
into the Color "For the Kids" issue, Aaron Wynia
ollieing over a chain and holding a nice nose

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