Thursday, November 13, 2008

A New Beginning: April

By the beginning of April it was evident, winter was dead and spring was springing up. By this time it was becoming a daily routine to actually go skateboard outside...PNR was a thing of the cold, frozen past! Another thing that was becoming more evident was the amount of sun in our new days, it wasn't getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon anymore! The coolest thing about April was the amount of drive everyone had to get out and skate some spots OUTSIDE of a skatepark. I'm actually just going through files on my computer now and am noticing that out of all the months of the skate season 22 different days of skating came from April.

Don't be shy, take a look at raw motivation!

Ben, backside kickflip. That bank
is not fun or easy to skate.

Dalton, a high crook.

You ever see that sick video 2bangers1day? Dalton
was the star of that one. Crail stall.

Erik, bank to bank ollie. Some homeless guy
passed us on this day telling us he was going to
be in the movies. Downtown Kitchener? Yes.

Adam Zid, wallride king. Straight
up ollies right onto that wall

Jamie, backlip. This one went
into a checkout he had in Color
magazine Goldbook issue.

Josh, heelflip. One of my faves
from the season.

I warned you about pure determination to skate,
right? Joel went so loco he took up biking.

Ben setting the record straight with a proper
tre bomb at the bump over the sidewalk.

Isaac, tre flip.

Joel, tailslider.

Hands down one of my top three favourite
photos of the season. I was pretty bummed
this didn't get run, oh well. Erik, ollie against
his will.

TJ - PJ.

Byron, front feeble. I remember his words so
well, "We aren't leaving until I'm rolling away."
I was stoked on that.

That's enough of April, next up, May!

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