Sunday, November 23, 2008

April showers bring May....Skateboarding?

My apologies for bringing the rhyme in the title to the next level...couldn't think of anything more awesome than that. Although, upon considering what to write I did start to look at the whole idea of rain in a new light. Normally us skateboarders are damn bitter when it's anything but nice and sunny out but in the case of winter we embraced it more than ever. You may notice the lack of snow in the photos below. That, my friends, is all thanks to the rain gods. (Don't come back until next April...thanks!)

This might have been one of my favourite months out of the season this year, I can't pinpoint why but I'm betting is was due to golden sun, lots of fresh shredding and finally being able to not freeze your ass off while skating.

Everyone, crowd around the internet blog and take a peek at what a skateboarder's May looks like!

Can you believe I ended up shooting with Damien
AND Ben at the same time? Those are the type
of things you hear about in myths. A perfect
backside flip for Ben.

Byron, nollie bigspin. Two bangers in
one! Click for better sequence.

Damien Peters sighting! Backside heelflip in
the rain.

This was one of my favourite shots from the
season that also went into the Color Goldbook
issue. They didn't use this timing but I like
it better. Byron, switch heel.

Don't ask why I went to Guelph.
Harrisson, crook.

Same deal, don't ask, don't tell.
Byron, frontside flip.

TONY TRUJILLO? Nope. Josh Cowan switch
back 180ing a double set.

How to chop off limbs 101 with
Will Jivcoff. Sorry Matt! Switch frontside
heelflip over the flatgap for Mr. Scott.
Click for better sequence.

Isaac, pop shove.

Colton, 5050.

Scott, heelflip. I'm not bullshitting when I say
this was the coolest spot ever. Mini Golf R.I.P.

Cameron, kickflip.

Kody, back smith stall.

You know what happens in June...don't you?

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