Saturday, November 08, 2008

Loyalty JUST went out of style!

What was looking like a nice Saturday ended up like garbage. The sun was out and everything was all good until the clouds rolled in. Down came the rain and eventually the hail and here I am actually considering going to Pipes N Railz tonight. I'm not sure what to think of myself...

If you're just as bored as myself take a look at some photos that I've never posted on here before. Enjoy!

Erik, a healthy hippie jump.
Early summer memories...

Aaron, lipslide 270 shove. He got this
one really quick...I remember this day all
too well.

Duke, rock to fakie. Ah, I really
miss Detroit and all the dudes
from there.

Joe, another Detroit-er. The man is the king
of front crooks, can't you tell?

Isaac, backside kickflip. This is latest shot
out of this bunch. We got this on a little weekend
trip to Kingston.

I'll have to apologize to the fans that came looking for park photos and the amount of time we shot all these in, none of that today.


P.P. de Meijer said...

That last shot is so dope!

brian said...

last one with a bit more style would be soo dope