Monday, November 10, 2008

A Chilly Stoke: March.

There are some moments you just really remember. Although I would prefer to have no memory at all of the winter months I can't help but to remind myself how stoked I was to be skateboarding outside in the middle of march. I guess it had been such a nice day (probably about 0 degrees Celsius in the sun) that some of us were determined to get our skate on. Well, I guess that super nice weather carried on because I do have a few files from the middle of March and on.

Anyways, I present to you a desperate time in a skateboarder's life when the sun is out but the salt and snow hasn't melted away.

Josh, nollie bigspin switch manny. Click for better resolution.

Ah yes! The first True Love event at the
skatepark. Some of the skaters shoveled out
a pathway just to skate the humps while Pat
and Hooper cooked some hotdogs and
hamburgers. That was a good day.

Right after filling up on hotdogs and burgers
we hit the streets! Joel switch heel over the
hydrant. You KNOW everyone went nuts.

Palmer, switch frontside

Scooter, backside feeble popover.

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