Sunday, January 04, 2009

So Long California

My great expedition to California has finally come to an end. That being said, I am not stoked to be back home and surrounded by snow. All in all, the week and a bit that I stayed at Paul's with Justin was nothing but total awesome. You really can't ask for much more besides having perfect weather, waking up at 11am, cruising down the street to get coffee, checking out the shops and going skateboarding for the rest of the day. Everyone was really productive, skateboarding all day and playing Grand Theft Auto by night. Justin even had a messed up ankle and managed to get some photos - trooper. Everyone I met was really nice and extremely welcoming to me shoving a camera in their grills: Thanks guys.

In the end, what you really came for was the photos I've posted below so I won't hold you back any longer, enjoy, I know I did.

Justin Bohl skating after 4 months with a broken
foot...a miracle on wheels!

Sesai Parra means business. Ollie through
sharp metal roofing and bushes.

Justin Cefai, halfcab crooks revert. He was
just goofing around with this one.

Sesai Parra again. Hauling ass at a good
12 foot gap.

Hanging out at Justin Cefai's place on the last
night: Michigan dudes. Good times.

Tommy Gilfus getting ready to shred gnar
at Channel Street.

Brian Price, frontside carve of the Buddha at
Channel Street.

Paul Kwon, backside noseblunt at one of those
buttery school yards you see in those videos.

That's it, that's all. Thanks to everyone
for everything.

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