Friday, September 26, 2008

Noodles going street!

The day was automatically going to be a good one in my books since I had school and work off, double wammy baby. Seizing the greatness of the day I made plans with Scott, Cam, Mack and Lucas to skate it up. We also had a guest arrival of none other than our boy Brandon "Noodles" Papp! The kid has been ripping it up at the park lately and Scott thought it would a great idea to take him to the streets for a day.

Everyone met up at the park where we warmed up and picked out a few spots for the day. After getting kicked out of the wedge (unheard of) I took Scott, Luc and Noodles to a bump over a gap. As luck would have it I had a portable pole jam spot in my trunk so we set that up and got the session going. Scott threw down a few tricks and Luc and Brandon both got their first pole jams in. Scott was so hyped on the session he decided to try and go for a banger trick and ended up rolling his ankle pretty badly. By this time Mack was off school so we went to pick that dude up and dropped Scott off. Cameron was also hanging around the park so he tagged along too.

All of us headed up to Waterloo and started at the min ditches. Fall is setting in so I really had to seize a skart (skate-art) moment with Luc. After finishing up we walked by a high electrical box and joked about skating it with a ramp. Cameron is way too serious for jokes and decided skating it off flat ground would be fine enough for him. Footage locked! The sun was setting (by 7:30pm!) so we checked out a few spots but decided it was good to end the day on that note. Overall I thought the day went really well and was pretty productive, thanks guys!

Scooter, polejam backside 180.

NOODLES, polejam.

Best buds.

Over and out.

Cameron, frontside noseslide.

Sidenote: My digital camera's shutter finally blew out so I probably won't have any updates for a while. If I had it my way film would be processed in 1hour and I'd have it scanned by the night. See you later!

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