Sunday, July 18, 2010

Broken bodies, finished tapes and exposed rolls.

Home from the Vancouver trip and let me tell you, almost three weeks of skating from spot to spot, fighting for floor space at night and skating every day really wears down on the body. Check some throw away photos and the video below for a fun time.

Colin, nollie varial heelflip at some blown out
three block in the 'burbs.

A pleasant walk in the park.

Colin has a weird fettish for wall rails. 5050.

Byron and Tim hurt themselves early on in
the trip so they came to spots for moral support.

Colin, 5-0 for warm ups. Pardon the finger/ghetto
sun shade.

Mandatory beach sunset shot.

Breakdown breakdance.

Colin, bs bigspin boardslide for shits n' gigs.

Went to Victoria for the weekend, some nice
scenery and new friends out there.

These were our hosts, Fran and Pat. They
fucking ruled.

Jordan made a montage of throw
away clips from the trip. He'll be
pissed if you don't watch it below.

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