Thursday, August 30, 2012

Few Words

What can I say? It's been a busy summer.

Now now, don't get all weird on me and assume I've been slacking on shooting just as much as I have been with this blog, that simply isn't the case. I've just been a little pre-occupied by skateboarding and some road-trips peppered in here and there. That, my friends, is a bonus for you. See below.

Tony Gomez, frontside lip.

Jim Tumey, ollie-wallie.

Bryan Wherry

Scott Varney has been in Kitchener and RIPPING.
Keep your eyes peeled, more from this cat soon.

I went to Cleveland and Tony did this back smith.

I went on an epic road trip out east and skated for 15
minutes. This is a photo with a bunch of fog in it.

Have you seen the new STYD site? Better check it out....

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