Tuesday, February 21, 2012


If you know me you know that I'll use just about any excuse to make a Detroit trip happen. This case is no different. Being that I turned 21 recently I thought it'd be great to flex my legality in the U.S.A. and see what it feels like to be able to buy six 4Loko's at once. It felt alright but the skateboarding we did still felt better.

Adam, ollie to fakie on a spot that isn't.

You know those dudes with the quick
feet who can somehow land anything
no matter how awkward the spot/trick
is? Yeah...Adam, front shove to fakie.

T-Bird. He would probably be
bummed if I told everyone how much
he uses the word "SWAG".

Johnny, back smith.

Duke, switch front smeeth.

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