Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cuenta la Mierda de Perro

Ah yes, we're still being eager beavers and doing the skate tourist deal but we've been getting busier and actually shooting some photos. I'm not too sure what we're going to do next month without Matt here, he's always the one to wake us up, drag us out of bed and get us to go skating before noon. Since we've actually been skating spots other than Macba and Parallel we've also been meeting some new skate buddies and getting casual pro sightings - it's pretty tight! I can't tell you whether or not these updates are going to become consistent so sit tight.

This rail was a ton of fun. Byron,
just-learned nollie front feeble.

Matthew, back smith.

Marty showed up for a day. He's on some next
level trickery.

Matt, gap 5050.

"I hate manuals." Byron, kickflip nose wheelie
nollie flip.

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