Monday, July 27, 2009

Left Coast

Back on the West coast again! This time staying at Justin Cefai's place in California. Ah yeah, the weather out here is fucking beautiful(as are the girls) and the skating couldn't be better. I made about one, maybe two updates while I was in Michigan so below are some photos from when I was shredding it up in the Mitten...Cali photos come later. Double pits to chesty, bro!

Not too sure what makes a person
actually want to skate a spot like this.
Regardless, Adam got down with a
switch bigspin.

Justin, back 180 fakie manual revert.

Chris, gap to noseblunt with ease.

Alex, fakie flipper.

Ryan , front board 270 out to dust sweeper.

Fellow photographer
Justin Broadway got down with
this back tail.

Cali photos...soon!

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