Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring has SPRUNG!

Spring has sprung and it's about damn time! I'm stoked, you're stoked, everybody is just plain stoked (except for the security guards). The last post was me just getting back from a Houston, Texas skate trip with some friends and complaining about the winter, now we're out of that rut! Everyone is fiending to skate and so motivated to go out and throw down. We're also waiting for the last little bits of dirty snow to melt away from those not-so-popular sun spots but that's fine by me, it's dry, warm and 100% skatable outside. In the middle of all these things I've managed to get myself a new camera (which means more sequences, I'm almost a filmer now) and get my first photo run in Concrete skateboarding magazine. Other things are poppin' off as well:

True Love held an event at the Kitchener skatepark pretty well signifying the opening of the season with a barbeque, game of skate and best trick on the humps. They've also got a huge Go Skate Day (June 21st) event planned for the city.

Formerly known as Boardzone, the crew over there has re-done the shop and it is now called Sanction Skate and Snow. Big re-opening April 17th, head over there!

Finally, Jeremy Eby, Matt Smith and Isaac and Joel Watamaniuk have come together and re-upped the company Love Skateboards and are pushing it full force this season. Decks, clothing and five panel hats all coming starting May. Head over to their blog:

Time for the goods!

Adam Zidlocke: Wallride King
of Kitchener

Ben: wallride king above learned his wallrides
from his brother.

Ben, zoomin' a tre bomb.

Colton, front board

Dalton, crail stall on cedar street.

Erik, bank to bank ollie


Cameron hitting Seagrams at sunset

snacking hard

Scott getting his feeble on

Joel switch ollieing the hydrant: believe this

Finally, Ben contemplates whether
or not this blog is worth it.

Check the clip of Colton frontboard and shoving, filmed by Ryan Alexander (sorry, messed up the code).

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